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variable power  steady flow

Traditional lighting fixtures, including first generation LED technology ones, work at constant power and
variable flow; over time, the luminous flux decreases and the lamp must be replaced. To compensate for this
decrease traditional lamps should deliver, when brand new, a flow higher by 25-30% than necessary.

In the  CHIARA H4 the initial flux is set  to the exact value requested by the project  of by the customer and is kept constant throughout the entire life of the appliance. This is ensured by the microprocessor that initially supplies a current 20.-3'% less than normal, then increases it over time depending on the loss of efficiency of the LEDs. 

This solution provides many advantages: 

constant flow throughout the service life of the lamp 

initial consumption reduced by 20-30%

lower average consumption, by  10-15%

longer service life since the LEDs on the average work with low currents