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We are producer but mostly engineers.  ma CHIARA H4 is one of our creation but not the only one, for further information pls visit our website www.luxled.it.


For inquires, become a partner, require a lighting calculation or only to have our lighting files, do not hesitate to contact us to  info@luxledlighting.it

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CHIARA H4 is the result of a targeted design for the industry. But where is it written that an industrial ceiling lamp should be ugly and ultra-heavy? not to mention those anti-aesthetic heatsinks that collects only grimes and dust. 

CHIARA H4 it does not need finned heatsinks  because it dissipates frontally. We have conducted a variety of temperature tests all brilliantly successful, not to mention our installations in heavy industry, such as metal foundries or extruders where the temperature is important.

All the CHIARA H series (H, H1, H2, and H3) was deliberately thought of square form, for a flow on the ground without "holes" of light, typical of the old circular bells.

CHIARA H4  does not have a fully parallelepiped shape with live corners, anyway, the top is slightly shaped and sloping anticorodal to avoid excessive dust buildup. The front is painted aluminum for quick cleaning (wet cloth) and easy handling. 

The result is a compact, light and aesthetically beautiful ceiling!