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CHIARA H4  is a lighting fixture suitable to normal indoor industrial use or outdoor ceiling installation; in adherence or suspended; in horizontal position or inclined  not over 20°; at an height from 4m to 25m from the ground; in a position reachable from qualified technicians.

For the installation of  CHIARA H4  are foreseen the following solutions. 

hung on busbar

To install the fixture  CHIARA H4  on a busbar is necessary to provide 2 hooks supplied by the same supplier of the bus, suitable to the use and the weight, to be fixed with the standard clamp (figt.1) . 

standard clamp - fig. 1

appeso a blindosbarra

hung on a beam or perforable support

To install the fixture  CHIARA H4  on a beam or other support is required that these elements would be suitable to support the appliance and be possibile to make the holes described in the installation manual for the best stability of the fixture (standard clamp fig. 1) .

hung with chains or cables 

To install the fixture CHIARA H4 through chains or cables use two holes in the top side of the standard clamp, inserting in each hole a male ringbolt M6 fixed with locknut or 2 male ringbolts M8 fixed with locknut on the two lateral side of the clamp.  

hung on beam or other support through short counter- clamp (50 mm) 

To install the fixture CHIARA H4  on a beam or other perforable support and having the possibility to incline it on the horizontal side, use the short counter-clamp (fig. 2) that must be always combined with the standard clamp (fig. 1) .

short counter-clamp - fig. 2

fixed on a vertical or oblique wall, through long counter-clamp (300 mm), adjustable 

To install the fixture  CHIARA H4  on vertical o oblique wall or even to distance it from the ceiling or other element, use the long counter-clamp (fig.2). The long counter -clamp  (to be combined always with the standard clamp) must be fixed to the support material using at least 2 of the present holes on the counter-clamp for this purpose.  

long counter-clamp - fig. 3

hung on ceiling, vertical or oblique wall or other support through APPENDINO 

For suspended installation that requires an aesthetic beyond technical results  we suggest to use the accessory APPENDINO, that is separately supplied. The APPENDINO allows to hang the fixture CHIARA H4 fixing it on the ceiling or other oblique walls on condition that such walls would be able to support the fixture weights and relative stress.