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optics with silicone lenses


All traditional lighting products are equipped with a class or other protective material and also many LEDs appliances used this solution; in other products are actually the lenses that protect the LEDs; other then are fitted with both glass and lenses; in each case one or both are present in all LED appliances. 

Almost all manufacturers that use the lenses make them with PMMA (Polymethylmethacrylate); a good quality thermoplastic polymer that has a transparency of 86-88%, even polycarbonate or methacrylate diffusers do not exceed 85%. Even the extra clear glass does not exceed 92% transparency and anyway, for reasons of glare, it should be satin finished or paired with reflectors, with further losses.

Whatever the solution all result in losing efficiency; from 15% in the best cases up to 20-2% of the glass-lens combination. Continuing applying the philosophy of high quality  Lux LEDlighting reduced such a loss by adopting silicone lenses.  

The liquid silicone, LSR, is already used by many years in contact lenses and provides unique and unsurpassed features: it resists to heat, it does not turn yellow, it cannot be attacked by solvents, it can be modelled with precision in thin thicknesses and, especially, has a 94% transparency. 

Obviously, Lux LEDlighting lenses do not just change the angle but shape the beam from circular in quadrangular to improve the  uniformity and the  covering  in the angles  and on the walls. Further just for their versatility there are different kinds because they identified as real optics, this to respond o the different industrial application and installation. 



Suitable optic for an installation over the 15 m height  


Suitable optic for an installation height between 10 and 15 m 


Suitable optic for an installation height from 5-10 m


Optic for special installation, very low height and wide beam (covered parking-places)   

and  the new  ASYMMETRIC OPTIC ! 

It is a tight but asymmetric optic, perfect for roboticc warehouse that nieed lihts on the ground whitout any dispersion in the top.

file .LDT??

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