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Wireless, the contest

In the industrial sector there are environments that require different lighting leves;  for example: warehouse areas; packing areas; areas in which precision operations are carried out; transit areas  or working areas  on two or three shifts and other on daytime only.  

These situations can vary and change over time, so optimal lighting should allow to switch from 300 lux, for certain processes, to 100 lux if the area is a warehouse, to 5 lux if, at certain times, lighting only serves for security or occasional transit. 

Very few LED appliances allow for a linear and continuous control of the luminous flux from 0 to 100%; CHIARA H4  is among them, for this reason we decided to give the customer the opportunity to optimize lighting even after the devices are installed.    

The reason is not only aimed at improving the quality of the environment, but also improve power efficiency. A facility designed for 300 lux, if optimized for individual areas, uses on average 200 lux, then consumes 35% less power.  For a 200W LED device, means a saving from 30 to 80 Euro/year, depending on the applications. applicazioni. 

Why Wireless?

Wireless because it is the most technologically advanced and versatile system, ant it is easy to install. It only requires an access point for each room (basically a router with antenna connected to the corporate network) and a management program. 

the software

The control program can be installed on a normal laptop, desktop PC or virtual PC the company makes available. The management program can be installed on any PC, even remote if connected to the internet. 

The software provided by LUX LEDlighting has been specially designed for industrial environments and it is easy to use and intuitive; this provides for three programming levels. 

The parameter setting menu: serves to enter and place each lamp in its correct position, so that you have a map of lamps corresponding to their real position in the environment; it assigns each component areas (example: warehouse, production, packaging, etc...), allocates time spaces (example: work schedule; days or downtime periods.  

The setting menu: assigns to each area the lighting level that the fixture must provide during the various time periods. Example: 30% at the warehouse; 70% at the packaging shipments; 100% to the production area; 1% outside working hours. 

The operating menu: provides for the automatic management of the plant, following what has been configured and set up. If needed you can manually intervenes to increase or decrease or disable certain areas or to monitor the condition of the system (operation; consumption: lighting levels).  intervenire manualmente per aumentare o diminuire o disattivare determinate aree o singoli apparecchi. 

The diagnostic menu: allows to supervise the lighting plant system and each single fixture (functioning; consumptions; lightings' levels).   

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